McKay United Cranes Celebrates With Dust & Debris Free

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


Client Introduction

McKay United Group is among the most esteemed crane hire companies in Australia. It consists of Williamstown, Eastside and Elliott’s Crane Hire.

The Challenge

McKay United have a very large depot in the Western Suburb of Laverton, North of Melbourne.

Their storage shed floors had a very thick dust build-up from cranes and trucks coming in and out of an adjoining gravel driveway.McKay’s was using a dust blower for cleaning purposes prior to contacting ASC for a suitable solution to their dust build-up challenge as the blower wasn’t working properly for many years.

The Solution

Lauren McKay of McKay United Group contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyatas; he wanted to buy from a proven sweeper brand this time to ensure warranted cleaning in a tough and dusty environment.

Ken was already known in the company, having dealt with other divisions within the McKay group.

Ken recommended the ASC M6 Heavy Duty sweeper for their application. The M6 is a proven workhorse that works well in brick plants, aluminium smelters and mine sites across Australia.

The conditions and type of dust they had to pick up was a piece of cake for the ASC M6 Sweeper.

Lauren considered Ken Pepyat’s recommendation and placed an order for the ASC M6 Heavy-duty Diesel Sweeper.

The Result

The ASC M6 has fixed all of their dust problems around the site as well as the workshop areas.

The facility now looks clean and dust free due to eliminating the problem of debris and rocks on the ground.

The investment in the M6 sweeper has reduced their labour time needed to keep the workshop clean while helping them maintain high OH&S standards.

A great result for both Ken Pepyat and Lauren McKay.