Medalist/Test-Rite Western Australia

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Logistics & Distribution

Client introduction:

Medalist/Test-Rite are a national company, supplying everything from tools, power tool accessories, hardware, gardening and household, to hardware, industrial, auto and horticultural retail stores.
The company has recently purchased a new, larger warehouse in Wangara (Perth WA) and were in the process of moving, when they contacted ASC to enquire about sweeping machines.

The Challenge:

Neil, the company’s General Manager, was informed by the Medalist/Test-Rite head office that they had already purchased several of the ASC Eureka MEP push sweepers with the award-winning dust control, in the last two years. Head Office informed the Staff in WA, that this quality push sweeper would be a great help to clean the rental space they are vacating and would help keep the new warehouse space clean, from the start.

Their new premises had two major challenges: loose sand blown in from surrounding empty blocks and secondly, the forklift tyre dust generated internally.

The Solution:

It was a simple transaction, as Medalist/Test-Rite had an existing confidence in the ASC Eureka MEP sweeper, knowing it would do the job.

Neil advised ASC’s WA Area Manager, Ross Sheehan, that he wanted to purchase the ASC MEP sweeper.

The Eureka MEP is a stock item in all ASC warehouses.

The result:

The new Medalist/Test-Rite warehouse is located two minutes from the ASC WA (Gnangara Perth) warehouse and Ross was able to deliver the sweeper in a matter of moments.

This was a huge benefit to both Neil and the Warehouse Manager, Michael, as they could start on the cleaning of the rental warehouse earlier than expected.