Meyer Timber’s Multiple Warehouses Cleaning Challenge

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023


The Client

Meyer Timber is a private company, proud ownership of the Meyer Family. Meyer Timber has become one of the largest timber wholesale operations in Australia and continues to grow. The company had recently moved into their new warehouse facility in Luscombe, Queensland.

The Challenge

To deal with everyday timber and tyre dust.

Meyer Timber wanted a heavy duty and proven reliable sweeper, to maintain the cleanliness of the warehouse.

They had a lot of dust blowing into their warehouse from external construction work, in their surrounding area, as well as day to day dust generation.

Meyer Timber needed to find the right machine, capable of sweeping their very large facility inside.

The machine would be used to sweep all their warehouses, as well as external areas.

Meyer Timber contacted ASC’s Nathaniel Prasad and asked for his advice as to the best unit on the market. One that would be capable of handling such a large site.

The Result

Meyer timber invested in the ASC M6 LPG ride on sweeper.

ASC’s Nathaniel Prasad was there to commission the machine and train their operators on the proper use of the machine.