MHAS Sterling Naval base 10 Year Old ASC MEP Trade In’s

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Client Introduction

Thales, WA, is based in Garden Island and part of the HMAS Stirling naval base. Thales in Australia is part of a leading international electronics and systems group serving the defense, aerospace, and space, security, and transport markets in Australia and throughout the world.

The Challenge

Stephanie (HMAS administration department) had placed an inquiry asking for spare parts for their two 10-year-old ASC Eureka MEP sweepers.

After an amazing 10 years of not spending a cent on these high-quality push sweepers, they decided to have them looked at. After inspection, the sweepers needed only a set of rubber skirts and a filter to perform 100% again.

WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan was not surprised when Stephanie emailed to get a quote on further two new Eureka MEP sweepers. HMAS had shipped a vehicle to their Darwin site and sent the two old MEP sweepers to assist in cleaning their NT location. This opened the opportunity for the WA team to update their sweeping equipment.

The Solution

The quote for the Eureka MEP was emailed to Stephanie, who got the approval within a day. Once the invoice was approved, Ross added the two sweepers into the ASC Mercedes delivery van, ready for delivery.

The Result

Stephanie and the crew in the sheds now have two new sweepers to assist in keeping the WA beach sand out of the various sheds when the Fremantle Doctor comes in over the summer. They are sure to get another ten years out of these amazing new ASC Eureka sweepers.