Midwest Sweeping Productivity Challenge

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Cleaning Contractor's

The Client

Midwest Sweeping Contractors are based in Geraldton, Western Australia.
The company is well established and has a strong reputation of being reliably able to sweep any site clean, regardless of size.

The Challenge

The company recently went to market, looking for an alternative option to their existing sweeper supplier. They wanted a sweeper that offered reliability, was easy to service and be built in a manner that they could source both OEM and aftermarket parts easily. ASC’s Ross Sheehan suggested the ASC Eureka M8 sweeper. A machine that offered street sweeper productivity, with the added benefit of having a turning circle twice that of a conventional street sweeper.

The machine addressed their concerns of overheating engine issues. The ASC M8 sweeper is designed to run a clean engine bay. The sweeping takes part at the back of the machine, ensuring dust and debris does not come into contact with the radiators.
This is extremely important in the Northern Regions of WA, as extreme temperatures are very common.

The Result.

The company awarded ASC’s Ross Sheehan with an order for an ASC Eureka M8 Diesel, fitted with a full cabin and air conditioner.