Milne Agri WA Purchases An ASC Eureka E 81

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Food & Beverages

Client Introduction

Milne Agri Group is based in East Rockingham, WA. They have a state-of-the-art facility for processing both Mount Barker Chicken and Liveringa Station meat brands for the supermarket companies.

The Challenge

Their facility is refrigeration chilled and very busy. They were facing the challenge of keeping their dispatch, receive and processing areas clean. The company wanted to achieve a hygienically clean floor. However, it was a challenge due to a lot of movement of pallets, pallet trolleys, and foot traffic.

The Solution

ASC WA Area Manager arranged with Danny (Production Manager East Rockingham site) for an onsite demonstration with his staff operators. Ross demonstrated both the ASC Eureka E81 walk behind and the ASC Eureka E83 ride on floor scrubber. The operators were keen on the ASC Eureka E83 rider, but as there were narrow lanes with dead ends, it wouldn’t prove to be a smart solution for them. On the other hand, the walk-behind ASC Eureka E81 with the brushes mounted on the front of the machine would be the ideal machine for the company. Its front-mounted brushes allowed better control of the machine, and the simple dashboard made it easier for all operators to use.

The Result

Danny initially had thoughts of buying an Ex-fleet machine, but when he weighed the pros and cons, he, as well as the management, decided that a new machine would be a better fit. Moreover, Ross had one in stock at the Wangara warehouse, which proved to be the perfect opportunity. Ross delivered it and trained the staff on using the machine correctly.