Mithree Sydney Clean’s Up

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Cleaning Contractor's

Client Introduction

Mithree, also known as Keeping Klean, is a family-owned and orientated business. They have been serving the hospitality, massage, cleaning and households industries for over 20 years. Their high quality and affordable cleaning products are top of the range, which are also proudly 100% Australian made.

The Challenge

Chathree, the owner of Mithree, has a small warehouse in Sydney’s Lilyfield where he stocks many different small to large products. The team assembles and manages all orders using forklifts and vehicles. However, these forklifts and vehicles bring in dust and debris that build upon the stock and spoil the quality as well as presentation.

The Solution

Chathree contacted ASC’s Scott Campbell asked for his recommendation to solve the issue. Scott recommended the MEP vacuum dustless push sweeper. Once demonstrated in the dusty warehouse, Chathree ordered the MEP immediately as he was amazed by the efficiency with which it cleaned the warehouse without any dust. Scott delivered the MEP the next day.