Mitre 10 Trade Centre

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Retail & Public Spaces

Client introduction:

Versatile Mitre 10 Trade Centre is a long-established business, specialising in supplying the roofing and ceiling trade for many decades.

Based in Malaga, (Perth) the facility stocks many hardware items and has a large drive though area, so customers can safely enter off the busy Alexander Drive Road with trucks, utes and tailers.

The Challenge:

Warehouse Manager, Damien, saw an ASC advert about a push sweeper, with a battery free dust control system.

He thought it would be the simplest solution to sweeping the dust and debris from his shop aisles and floor space, inside their facility.

The Solution:

ASC’s WA Area Manager, Ross Sheehan, called into the Versatile M10.

He made contact with Store Manager Damien, to show him what the Eureka MEP push sweeper with dust control, could do.

Ross found they were building a new office area and the floor was covered in fine sawdust from the carpenter’s work.

This proved ideal for a demonstration of the ASC Eureka MEP.

As Ross pushed the sweeper toward Damien, it left a clearly swept track, most importantly, there was no airborne dust.

The result:

On seeing the simple way that the ASC MEP vacuumed sweeper worked, he placed an order on the spot.