M&N Coatings Welcomes Their Labour Time Savings

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023


The Client

M&N Coatings based in Laverton North are a spray coating company that supplies 2 pack painted kitchen doors and cupboards for a lot of cabinet makers in Victoria.

The Challenge

Dat Trinh (Managing Director) was tired of his employees manually sweeping up kitchen dust from his factory floors with brooms only to have the swept-up dust landing somewhere else on his freshly painted products.

He called locally based ASC Manager Mr Ken Pepyat asking for quality solution to address his dust problems.

Ken met with Mr Trinh & arranged to demonstrate the ASC Eureka M2 sweeper as a solution.

The Solution

After seeing a Eureka M2 in action, he was sold in it.

Not only did the machine pick up 100% of the facilities dust, but the labour time savings were also significant.

An order was placed with Ken who delivered the new machine from ASC Sunshine West warehouse.

The company now has a clean floor & workers now have a much healthier work environment to work in.