Mt Isa Irish Club

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Open Spaces & Car Parks

The Client

Mt Isa Irish club is a well known entertainment and accommodation venue, located in Mt Isa, North Queensland.

The Challenge

The club was looking to invest in a ride on sweeper that could sweep their accommodation grounds, as well as the club’s car parks and adjoining walkways.

Prior to their involvement with ASC, the staff at the club were using brooms and leaf blowers to eliminate the facility’s leaf, dust and aggregate issues.

The management of the club asked ASC for a heavy duty, yet very reliable, sweeper recommendation.

ASC’s Nick Bilos guided the group.

Nick suggested the ASC Eureka M3 petrol driven sweeper. The machine was the correct suggestion, as the petrol-powered machine has a lot more torque when it comes to climbing and sweeping steep roads and walkways.

The ASC Eureka M3 is fitted with a super quiet Honda engine and is hydrostatically driven.

The Result.

The Club ordered an ASC Eureka M3 sweeper. ASC’s Nick Bilos delivered the machine to site and provided operator and maintenance training to the club.