Mulberry Furniture Company Dust free Challenge

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023


The Client

Mulberry Co Pty Ltd is a lounge manufacturing company, based in Milperra NSW. They specialise in quality locally made furniture.

The Challenge

Having recently moved to a very large manufacturing warehouse, the company needed a highly productive, yet low cost sweeper.

The aisles were quite small and at times, quite dusty.

The idea was for everyone in the facility to be able to use the sweeper.

They asked for a heavy-duty product that could handle the inevitable knocks and crashes into beams and blocks of timber. The machine had to be dust free while operating, in order to make their investment work.

The Solution.

The company invested in the award-winning, heavy-duty, ASC Eureka MEP manual sweeper, with an inbuilt dust vacuum system.

They expect to replace it in the year 2041.