ASC MEP Becomes The Low Maintenance Solution To High Maintenance Problem For Multiplex Builders

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020


Multiplex is by far one of Australia’s iconic builders having being in business for over 55 years and building in excess of 950 major projects across Australia.

The Challenge

Multiplex like all building companies have a massive problem with airborne dust.

Building hi rise building requires the use of a lot of cement and grinding. Mobile plant, scaffolding and never ending vehicle on the move make for really dusty working conditions.

The Solution

Multiplex has recently added 4 more ASC sweepers to their Brisbane building sites. The invested in the small compact MEP models which are designd to sweep narrow areas and can easily fit through standard doorways. The sweepers were purchased in order to get men off brooms and eliminate pools of dust forming in all quarters of their building sites.

The Result

A low maintenance solution to a high maintenance problem.

One operator with a ASC sweeper now doing what 8 men would otherwise do pushing a broom.

In the process Multiplex now has equipment that eliminates concrete dust and provides its employees a much safer and compliant work environment.


ASC MEP At Multiplex's Building Site