Multiplex Perth Takes Control with ASC’s M Class Dust Filters

Updated on Friday, October 8, 2021


Client introduction

On the edge of the Perth CBD is the Elizabeth Quay, here Multiplex is in the process of constructing the Chevron Tower, a 2.5-year project to build the 29-storey building which will house Chevron’s new Perth head office. Using 98% local contractors the construction is well under way.

The Challenge

Multiplex needed to keep the site as dust free as possible, with strict site rules and OHS requirements, controlling silica dust and preventing it getting airborne was paramount. The best and longest lasting dust filters are required. Construction was to take place over 2.5 years, so they needed strong reliable sweepers to handle the site. It needed to be easy to use as many different operators would be in control of the sweepers. All contractors on site, plumbing, electrical, office outfitters would need to purchase a sweeper to keep their sections clean.

The Solution:

At the start of construction ASC Area Manager Ross Sheehan arrived to meet with the Multiplex team, and 6 of the major contractors to showcase the ASC Eureka sweepers. The three machines demonstrated were the Eureka MEP, the 1 and the M3. All machines performed extremely well in the cement dust and building debris at the time.

The ASC M1 was perceived to be the best suitor for the site given that;

it had the mid-size debris hopper
large capacity cement dust filtration system
being a walk behind it proved much more maneuverable than the larger ASC riderrM3.

The result.

Multiplex placed an order for two ASC Eureka M1 walk behind sweepers with upgraded M Class dust filters ( M class filter can filter to 99.98% and are covered in a polymer to repel water and oil).

Within a couple of months all contractors had purchased the ASC Eureka M1 with upgraded filters making it a total of 8 sweepers on this site.

ASC and the Eureka sweepers are looking to the skies as they help with protecting the workplace of the thousands of workers constructing the next landmark on the Perth skyline.