New Town Toyota

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020


New Town Toyota is a family owned and operated dealership just to the east of the centre of Perth having established way back in in 1992.

Proprietor by Joe Zito is recognized as the largest Toyota Genuine Parts dealer in Australia and is in the Top 20 dealers for vehicle sales.


The ASC Area Manager Ross Sheehan was approached by New Town Toyota as to what was available to help keep clean the new renovated parts warehouse.

ASC’s Ross Sheehan went out to see the site before recommending he right machines for the job.

The entire dealership was under renovation. The facility was quite dusty due to trades people transferring material from one area to another.

The big picture was to sweep and then scrub the floor area, mainly around the dispatch and parts storage area.

There is also a dispatch location where trucks and couriers park.

Joe is the principal dealer told Ross that he wanted reliable, strong & user friendly machines.

They had to be dust free machines to keep the area up to a certain standard and very clean!


ASC’s Ross put forward a solution for the team to consider.

Ross drove the ASC demonstrator Mercedes Sprinter van with the a specialised  ramp to demonstrate  a couple of ASC machines to the East Victoria Park site.

The ASC MEP, Mach 1, E50 and E51 were unloaded and all performed very well collecting dust and scrubbing the floor clean of all scuff marks. George the Principal was very impressed.


New Town decided to purchase both ASC Eureka Mach 1 and the ASC Eureka E51 machines.

It was their opinion that the ASC product was more industrial and felt they would get longer use out of them compared to other brands they looked at.

AGM maintenance free batteries were added to the machines to assist in a longer run time.