Newington College (Sydney) and ASC

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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Newington College is a multi-campus independent Uniting Church single-sex and co-educational early learning, primary and secondary day and boarding school for boys, located in Stanmore, an inner-western suburb of Sydney.

The College has had a 13 + year association with ASC as its provide of outdoor cleaning equipment.

The Problem.

Newington College has a vast expanse of roadways and paved across many acres of their school grounds. The College looks very much like a modern University.

The campus includes multiple carparks, playgrounds, synthetic grass areas and huge open paved and bitumen areas.

The College explored many options on how to best utilize their housekeeping staff time efficiently and choose ASC as its provider.

The Solution.

Newington has over the past 13 years invested in 2 ASC Dulevo 850 Diesel sweepers. The machines generally run 4 or more hours per day. They start operating the machines in the early hours of the morning and finish cleaning before 9 am.

The ASC Dulevo 850 is used around the bulk of the hard stand areas. Prior to the introduction of the ASC equipment the College used and arsenal of petrol blowers and manual sweeping.

That method of cleaning simply do not work and created more work longer term as they merely blew the debris from one area to another.

Typical debris included leaves, grass cuttings, paper, plastic bottles, glass, dirt and aggregate.

The College over the years have also invested in  ASC M3 rider sweeper for the maintenance of their tennis courts. They also have a ASC M1 walk behind sweeper for maintaining areas that the big Dulevo 850 can’t reach.

Newington runs a 5 star cleaning program that is a standard very few universities or colleges can achieve. It is an incredible feat given that the college has a small maintenece crew.

With the helps of ASC they have invested in reliable sweeping machines that not only last 8 to 10 + years but operate daily with minimal maintenece costs and few if any breakdowns.