Newland Powder Coating Invested in ASC For Their Cleaning Challenges

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Steel Manufacturing

Newland Powder Coating is based in Melbourne outer suburb of Campbellfield.

Recently they asked ASC’s Ken Pepyat to see if there was a solution to pick up the excess dust from their powder coating operations.

The Challenge

The factory is 500 square metres and dust is a by product of powder coating metal.

Until recently they had used hand brooms to keep the facility clean. This was proving too time consuming and a solution had to be found to make the job easier.

The Solution

Ken Pepyat, ASC’s Victoria Manager,  had visited the company and recommended the ASC M2 sweeper.

He followed up the visit with a demonstration of the ASC M2 sweeper and it proved very positive with the floor being 100% free of dust and there being no dust creation while sweeping.

The machine left the floor clean and dust free.

The company decided that on this occasion they could stretch their budget to accommodate a new machine so they elected to go with a reconditioned ASC M2.

They quickly saw the benefit in the ASC M2 and decided to purchase one.


ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper 1

ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper 2

ASC Eureka M2 Sweeper 3

Newland Powder Coating Factory