ASC MEP Sweeper Cleans Up Quickly with Minimal Maintenance

Updated on Thursday, July 1, 2021


Newton Orchards have been growing apples and cherries for over 80 years.

The Challenge

Jacob (The Manager) of Newton Orchards contacted the ASC main office in Sydney to discuss buying another ASC MEP Sweeper.

Jacob was directed to Ross Sheehan in the AS Perth office. They needed another sweeper for their loading dock, where the trucks drive through and bring dirt and dust into their facility. As they have a very busy packaging shed, the forklift tyre dust also needed some serious sweeping.

As they were already very satisfied with the performance and longevity of the ASC MEP Sweeper, making a purchase again was easy for them due to the developed trust and reliability.

The Solution

Investing in ASC MEP Sweeper for their shed has helped them keep it clean after each truck movement with minimal maintenance, no dust and no noise.

They required ASC’s MEP level of sweeping, particularly over the cherry season at Christmas time. The new ASC was dispatched from the ASC Perth office and delivered by the freight company within a few days.

The Result

ASC delivered another reliable sweeper to an existing client.


ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper 4