NF Mcdonnell & Sons Found ASC Littervac Ideal Solution for Their Cleaning Challenges

Updated on Wednesday, June 30, 2021


NF Mcdonnell and Sons are a large Timber Mill that is located in Mt Gambier, South Australia.

The Challenge

The challenge faced by Shaun Mcdonnellwas the build-up of sawdust and leaves around the buildings, gutters and machinery.

Shaun conducted some research himself and reached the conclusion that the ASC Littervac was the ideal solution to his problem.

The Solution

ASC’s Ken Pepyat organised to demonstrate the ASC Littervac at his Mt Gambier Plant. Shaun McDonald was astonished by the performance of the ASC Littervac during its demonstration and quickly turned to Ken Pepyatto say, “Sold!”

Shaun loved it due to the machine’s simplicity as well as the fact that it can be easily used by the operators in even the tight areas.

Another great solution for the timber industry.