NGT Express Warehousing and Distribution

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

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Client Introduction

NGT Express specializes in freight and logistics between Perth and Exmouth in the north-western area of WA. It is based in the industrial suburb of Maddington in Perth’s eastern suburbs.

WA Area manager Ross Sheehan called them for dropping off a brochure. The very next day, they called inquiring about ASC’ssweepers, as they wanted to keep up on the cleanliness of the loading areas.

The Challenge

Their yard is part gravel surface and part cement; this leads to constant dirt and debris getting into the loading zone, along with the forklift rubber dust. The loading and unloading is a continuous process, so they demanded a sweeper that could handle the amount of gravel and the cement on the floor. They also needed the sweeper to be quick enough to sweep the outside aprons and not get the forklift rubber dust airborne.

The Solution

ASC’S Ross arranged for an onsite demonstration of two sweepers, the Eureka MEP and Mach 1.

Both sweepers were demonstrated on their loading dock and performed very well with the dusty conditions. However, Adam was concerned the smaller MEP was not quick enough. He decided the ASC Eureka Mach 1 battery walk-behind was the better option, but it was out of their budget.

The Result

Ross was able to provide Adam with an ex-fleet ASC Eureka Mach 1.

With only 2 years of warehouse usage on Mach 1, it was now within Adam’s budget.

Ross delivered the sweeper within a week and trained the operators on handling it the right way.