Environment Policies Are Met By Nicheliving Using ASC M6 Sweeper To Keep Road ways Clean

Mining & Construction

Nicheliving is Perth’s largest affordable home and land developer.

With a property portfolio in excess of $400 million, they are a well-established and trusted Western Australian company.

They recently purchased a new fully optioned ASC Eureka M6 from our Western Australian facility.

The new ASC Eureka M6 is used to keep the roadways clean while construction takes place on major projects.

WA is a very sandy place and strict and enforceable environmental rules dictate that all developers keep roadways clean during residential and commercial construction.

Ross Sheehan, ASC’s WA manager recently installed and went through onsite maintenance training with Nichelivings staff.

ASC Eureka M6 At Nicheliving's Facility 1
ASC Eureka M6 At Nicheliving's Facility 2
ASC Eureka M6 At Nicheliving's Facility 3