ASC Power Vac Helped Nicson’s Facility Get Rid Of The Polystyrene Buildup

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021


Nicsons Building Products welcome a ASC Power Vac Machine to their premises

Nicson’s Building Products is a family owned business that supplies all components for residential house slabs and commercial projects that have a raft slab design. The group started as Waffle Pod Pty Ltd in 2000 manufacturing waffle pods in a small factory located at Penrith. With Engineers and builders understanding the speed and cost benefits of a waffle pod slab demand grew and Waffle Pod moved to larger premises in St Marys.

In 2004 Nicson’s Building Products was established to meet client’s needs of offering a total slab package which includes, Waffle Pods, Reinforcing Steel, Concrete as well as all the slab accessories.

The Challenge:

With the nature of the materials used (polystyrene Foam) in the manufacture and processing of the Waffle Pod slab systems, Nicsons has been faced with the issue of foam particles that break off in the process of loading the product onto trucks. These small pieces then eventually make their way into the drains and pits around their premises. This can ultimately cause blockages which may result in a flood but also incur the company massive fines from the EPA & council for any debris which may leave the site and cause litter and damage to the surrounding environments.

Nicsons have tried to combat this issue the past 2 years by removing each individual drain grate to have access to the pits and then using a domestic vacuum cleaner plugged into a generator to suck up the foam & polystyrene.


ASC’s Tony Urfan was asked to inspect the site. Upon his visit ASC’s Tony Urfan realised there would be only one machine for the job of clearing debris out of drains and maintaining a clean work environment and that is the ASC Elgee Power Vac. With the versatility of its 30 inch wide main suction deck plus vacuum hose and strong 6hp, 4 stroke motor, the Elgee Power Vac was strong enough to work over the drains along the driveways without having to remove the grates and the staff were able to utilise the 3 meter long vac hose in the drain pits that are much deeper in volume. They also used it around the machinery in the manufacturing plant where waste polystyrene build up was also an issue.

The Results:

The use of the Elgee Power Vac has resulted in more productivity with less time and labour having to be invested in the cleaning and maintenance of the warehouse and surrounding yard and drains. It has reduced the risk of injury by 50%, halving the number of times steel grates have to be removed in the cleaning of the pits and overall made the workers jobs a lot easier.

The premises is a lot more cleaner with the versatility and portability of the Elgee Power Vac being used in all areas of the site.

In summary, the customer is very happy with the recommendation and machine supplied and thanks ASC for the level of service and support.

ASC Elgee Power Vac At Nicson's Facility 1
ASC Elgee Power Vac At Nicson's Facility 2
ASC Elgee Power Vac At Nicson's Facility 3
ASC Elgee Power Vac At Nicson's Facility 4