Norrish Services Group WA

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Agriculture . Steel Manufacturing

Client Introduction

Neil and Bess run a very successful fabrication business, Norrish Services, in two locations on the outskirts of Perth, Bakers Hill, and Northam, WA. Norrish Service Group fabricates many types of farming equipment, from Boom sprays and Field bins to Multi spreaders and Harrows, all designed and built by them.

The Challenge

Neil has a mate, Steve, who was given a Eureka MEP push sweeper by his wife 12 years prior to assist in cleaning at his workplace. The Eureka was still operational and was used in Neil’s shed several times to clean it. This 12-year-old durable ASC push sweeper still has the availability of spare parts.

Steve had just purchased and replaced a couple of new drive cogs after all that time.

This made Neil interested in purchasing an ASC sweeper for his manufacturing shed in Northam. Where they fabricate the chaser bins.

The Solution

Neil made a call to ASC. As the WA Area Manager, Ross Sheehan, was visiting a client around Bakers Hill. He arranged to meet Neil as well.

Neil wanted a sweeper for collecting rivet heads and grinding particles, and he liked the idea of the simplicity of the ASC Eureka ME Sweeper.

The Result

Neil ordered the Eureka ME push sweeper on the spot after the meeting. Ross was able to drive out and deliver the sweeper personally.