NRMA Darlington Beach Holiday Resort

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Client Introduction

Darlington Beach Resort is one of the largest holiday resorts in the country. This resort is nestled on a 6km pristine beachfront, just 25 minutes north of Coffs Harbour (NSW). The park spans over 110 magnificent acres inviting you to enjoy a fabulous range of activities for all ages.

The Challenge

Darlington Beach Resort is 110 acres. It has kilometers of roadways that require hours of cleaning daily to clear the leaves, branches, sand and rocks. The company's maintenance team used blowers around 3-4 hours a day to keep the facility clean. Unfortunately, using blowers resulted in their hard work being wasted as the leaves blew back
on the road due to wind. Having such a large area to clean, they decided to invest in a large and reliable sweeper. Hence, their management went to market looking for both large industrial and street sweepers.

The Solution

The resort manager had concerns that a street sweeper would cost them too much money on downtime and maintenance. But then they came across the ASC’s new M8 cross over street / industrial sweeper, so they contacted ASC’s NSW Area Manager Scott Campbell and inquired about it. Scott arranged to meet the management team at Darlington and demonstrate ASC’s M8 sweeper. The heavy-duty build quality, access to mechanical components and easy maintenance, as well as the superior performance of the ASC M8, amazed the managers and maintenance team.
NRMA Darlington Beach Resort placed an order immediately, and the M8 was delivered to the site with full training.