Nuline Charter Can Expect a Life Span of 18-20 Years From Their ASC Eureka M3 Sweeper

ASC Eureka M3 Sweeper At Nuline Charter's Facility Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

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Nuline Charter Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based charter company established in 1998. With its ever-expanding fleet, Nuline Charter created a new, purpose-built facility in Melbourne’s south eastern suburb of Moorabbin East. Important considerations were made to ensure the new depot facility was as environmentally friendly as possible.

ASC Eureka M3 Sweeper At Nuline Charter's Facility

Since its inception, Nuline Charter has grown to be one of Melbourne’s largest and most respected charter companies. Their philosophy is based on a successful formula of “a quality service for a fair price”. The majority of vehicle maintenance work is performed on site at the Moorabbin East Depot.

Mechanical repairs are undertaken by a team of full-time mechanics, who also oversee the operation of an apprentice program in the company’s workshop. Buses are cleaned and re-fuelled on site daily so that they are ready for service the following day.

Nuline Charter Pty. Ltd is a fully accredited bus operator and adheres to the Department of Infrastructure guidelines of accreditation. Their accreditation number is AO 000852. Recently they invested in an ASC Heavy Duty Eureka M3 sweeper to maintain their workshops and yard areas in tip top condition.

ASC State Manager Ken Pepyat installed the machine to the delight of all the workshop staff. Nuline Charter can expect a life span of 18 to 20 years using their new ASC Heavy Duty Eureka M3 sweeper.

Buses Parked At Nuline Charter's Moorabbin East Facility