Nutrien York MEP

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Client introduction:

Nutrien Ag Solutions, York, is located approx. 1.5 hours east of Perth. It is the historical and agricultural town of York. They provide the area with many products from the agricultural sector, including livestock supplements, wool products, water/irrigation and fertilisers.

The Challenge:

Branch Manager, Jono, remembered that ASC’s Area Manager, Ross Sheehan, had dropped off a sweeper brochure many months ago.

Jono was setting up a new premises for Nutrien Ag Solutions, at 46 Avon Terrace in York and asked about the ASC MEP sweeper.

The new site needed a machine capable of sweeping both the warehouse and driveways.

The new site had a large gravel laydown area. Gravel and dirt were consistently being carried into the storage area for the bags of dog food, chaff, chook pellets etc.

Ross informed Jono that several other Nutrien Ag Solutions have already purchased this popular sweeper with dust control, including the Wongan Hills store. He suggested that a phone call to another store for feedback, may be advantageous.

The result

The machine was ordered.

Now Nutrien Ag Solutions have a combined eight ASC Eureka MEP machines in the rural parts of WA.

It’s great to see a quality Italian built sweeper out in the WA rural areas.