O-I Australia Keeps its EPA Targets in Check With the ASC Dulevo

ASC Dulevo Street Sweeper At O-I Australia's Facility Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023


Glass container manufacturer O-I Australia has taken possession of an ASC Dulevo Street sweeper for their optical sorting plant in South East Queensland.

The high-capacity cullet optical sorting plant recovers large volumes of recycled glass for use at the company’s glass container manufacturing plant in Brisbane.

O-I Australia’s facility processes a significant volume of furnace-ready cullet. The plant ensures all the glass it recycles has an opportunity to be recovered through a closed-loop process and recycled into new glass containers – not down-cycled or sent to landfill.

ASC Dulevo Street Sweeper At O-I Australia's Facility

The new ASC Street Sweeper ensures the plant runs dust-free as a lot of dust is generated in the crushing process. Having a dust-free working environment ensures that the plant is OH&S compliant and keeps the EPA at bay, minimizing the risk of dust not spread to surrounding areas as the site is exposed to quite windy conditions.

The installation of the ASD Dulevo sweeper is just another example of how ASC is helping large dusty sites maintain sound environmental standards.

O-I Australia Uses ASC Dulevo Street Sweeper