O’Brien Transport Services Laverton (Vic) & ASC

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020



Established in 1948, O’Brien Transport Group is now a third generation Australian family transport business.
The company has the infrastructure to provide professional, effective local and interstate transport distribution.

The Problem.

The company had a large transport facility in Melbourne’s western suburb of Laverton.

The depot has high inflows and outflows of cargo as well as multiple prime mover trucks entering and exiting the depot.

As you can imagine dust in a busy transport yard is a big problem.

The dust & debris gets dragged in by trucks as well as moving cargo. The other creator of dust is black tyre dust generated nonstop forklift movement.

The Solution.

The Company had contacted ASC’s Ken Pepyat to source a reliable sweeper. O’Brien Transport already had ASC sweepers for many years and investing in a brand that you knew works is an easy choice.

Ken recommended the new ASC Eureka M3 sweeper.

The company went with his recommendation and purchased the machine.