Oceania Container Services Clean Up With a New ASC M6 Diesel

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Ports & Shipping

The Client

Oceania Container Service is located in Pipe Road, Laverton North, VIC.

The company is essentially a clearing hub for unloading and storing containers.

The facility is the sole Melbourne site for Oceania in Melbourne.

The Challenge

Bob Ivanovski, (Site Manager of Oceania Container Services) went to market to source a heavy duty and reliable sweeper that was capable of sweeping a large container yard.

Bob was having huge problems keeping the site’s dust control down to a minimum, which was compounded by small bits of rubbish blowing in to his yard from neighbouring sites.

Bob sought the expertise of ASC’s Victorian based Manager Ken Pepyat, to recommend a sweeper that could handle his massive yard yet prove reliable at the same time.

The Solution.

Ken Pepyat organised to demonstrate the ASC M6 Diesel Heavy Duty sweeper to Bob Ivanovski. Bob had looked at many other sweepers available on the market but chose the ASC M6 as his preferred model. Bob had decided the ASC M6 diesel was the right fit for the job.