Onsite Safety Australia Banksmeadow NSW

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Warehouses & Distribution

ASC M1 & Onsite Safety Australia

Onsite Safety Australia is a specialist supplier of Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Equipment. It provides PPE equipment to leading brands and has a high emphasis on quality and customer delivery.

The Problem

Onsite Safety’s Operations Manager, Simon Fish, contacted ASC to request a smart solution to their warehouse dust issue. Simon was already well acquainted with ASC sweepers and hence contacted us for a quality product to ensure reliability and zero mechanical headaches.

The Onsite Safety warehouse is based in Sydney’s busy suburb, Industrial of Banks meadow, which is close to the Sydney Airport, a recycling station, and the Sydney Docks.

Consequently, they were having a severe problem with the black dust that worked its way into their building. They had no effective means of keeping their large warehouse clean and free from various types of dust.

The Solution

ASC demonstrated its outstanding M1 dustless sweeper on their site. The company’s management team was at the demonstration. They got instantly impressed with both the quality as well as the performance of the machine that they immediately decided to purchase it.

The Benefits

  • Onsite Safety was previously using hand brooms to solve their dust issue. However, the dustless free sweeper proved to be a time-efficient solution, which solved their labor as well as dust issue.
  • Onsite Safety now enjoys a dust-free environment to work in.
  • Additional spinoffs include protecting their brand reputation. All their stocks get dispatched from a clean and dust-free environment now; they are able to impress their clients effortlessly!