Palletmasters Conquer Their Dust Levels

Updated on Thursday, August 26, 2021


Pallet Masters the leading manufacturer and supplier of pallets in Queensland since 1987. They design and customise high quality, fit for purpose wooden pallets, skids and crates to suit the specific needs of customers.

The Problem

Pallet Masters have a large floor span. The contacted ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues recently and asked him to visit their site and recommend a cost-effective solution to minimise the dust levels on their floors.

Their issue included everything from timber offcuts and sawdust to forklift tyres dust as well as nails that fell of their production lines while assembling pallets. They required a sweeper to not only clean it all from their loading areas but also sweep zones outside their loading areas as the trucks bring in a large quantity of debris from being on the road.

The Solution

Rafael demonstrated the ASC MEP. It fitted their budget, performed flawlessly, and its heavy-duty construction suited their needs.

They placed an order for an MEP immediately!