Paradise Timbers Conquers Dust Issues

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Client Introduction

Paradise Timbers is a family-owned company located in Helensvale Gold Coast, QLD, that was established in the early '80s. They create timber mouldings and decorative finishes.

The Challenge

Paradise Timbers has a busy manufacturing and warehousing complex. They were facing a very serious dust issue due to their forklift traffic. They also needed to clean the wood dust and wood chips.

The Result

ASC's Rafael Rodrigues consulted the company and suggested investing in two industry-proven ASC MEP push sweepers. The machines were purchased. The sweepers quickly proved how efficiently they swept all woodchips and tyre dust without blowing any dust along the sides. The two ASC MEPs have replaced all the brooms in their manufacturing areas and helped eliminate the dust in the showroom to a great degree.