ASC M3 Will Keep An Arrey Of Debris Out From Park Plaza Apartments Sydney’s Busy Car Park

ASC Eureka M3 Sweeper At Park Plaza Apartments Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Park Plaza Apartments in Sydney has invested in an ASC M3 sweeper to keep their carpark and plaza clean.

The Park Plaza Apartment Complex is a group of two twin-structured residential buildings in Hurstville, New South Wales. Park Plaza One is the St. George District’s tallest structure of any kind, standing at a roof height of 67.2 metres. It is 2 metres taller than the 2nd tallest building in St. George, the “Proximity A Building” in Rockdale, New South Wales.

Due to its height, it can be clearly seen from several observation decks in Sydney, especially the Sydney Tower observation platform.

The body corporate choose to invest in an ASC M3 sweeper due to the amount of black dust & debris gathering above and below the multi-level car park.

Cars entering into the complex day and night mean an array of debris from leaves, dust, cigarette butts, paper, and cans are constantly blown into the car park.

For this environment a petrol ASC M3 sweeper was chosen due to it climbing ability and traction on steep ramps.

The M3 sweeper is also used outside the building on footpaths to keep the plaza complex looking clean all the time.

The twin towers are in a busy commercial precinct with tens of thousands s of cars passing the main entry every day.

Keeping the complex clean is a never ending daily task which sees the ASC sweeper constantly used but always up to the task.

ASC Eureka M3 Sweeper At Park Plaza Apartments