Pedders Invests in a ASC Eureka E 50

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020


Pedder’s Suspension and Brakes Geelong recently took delivery of a ASC Eureka E 50 walk behind floor scrubber / washer.

The problem;

Mr. Graeme Crofts ( franchise Owner) recently ask ASC’s Ken Pepyat to recommend a means by which he could keep his epoxy floors clean.

Mr. Crofts spent a lot of money on laying his new floor and wanted to keep the floor clean using minimal labour.

Mr. Crofts believed a quality product always comes out of a clean facility and he wanted his facility to represent the quality he delivers to his clientele.

The Result.

Pedder’s Geelong invested in a Eureka E 50 floor scrubber.

Within minutes of use the floors looked clean and dry.

Graeme Croft said in passing that he does a lot of work for Toyota on new vehicles requiring Suspension upgrades.

He said he likes to have a very clean workshop floor and decided on a quality product and invested in the ASC Eureka E50 scrubber.