Perth Frozen Foods WA

Updated on Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Food & Beverages

Client introduction:

Perth Frozen Foods is in the process of moving into a new premise in the Perth Industrial suburb of Kewdale.

A new drive-in refrigerated room, a production area and a dispatch zone. They are wholesale distributer of dairy products like Streets Ice Cream, along with other canned products.

The Challenge:

Dom is the owner of Perth Frozen Foods and is a hands-on type of person.

He was in the process of renovating this new site, the floor was sealed and coated with a high-quality hard-wearing epoxy product.

Dom wanted to find a machine capable of keeping his floor clean and easy to use for the multiple operators and pickers.

He has mixed products on this site from milk to tinned tomatoes.

Being able to clean up spills was one issue, the other was to keep the dust from the warehouse.

The Solution:

WA Area Manager Ross Sheehan visited the site to conduct an assessment for Dom.

Ross explained there is not one machine to do all the jobs that Dom wanted.

A good quality sweeper would be the best machine to start with as 80% of the issue was around dust and stones.

Then Ross added the floor scrubber to clean up spills and to conduct regular hygienic scrubs to the refrigerated and production areas.

As for the outside issue Ross and Dom agreed that the simple ASC MEP push sweeper would be a quick and simple option that could be used only outside. The advantages were clear, no batteries and minimal maintenance meant all staff could safely use it.

The result:

Ross arranged to demonstrate the Eureka range of machines within Dom’s budget.

A MEP push sweeper to clean the outside areas, an Ex-fleet Mach 1 walk behind sweeper for internal sweeping and the stronger Heavy Duty ASC Eureka E51 floor scrubber for production cleaning.

With the help of staff members Colin and Brad the machines were put through their paces and performed so well that Dom ordered the three machines and commented that the ASC Eureka MEP might even end up at home on the weekends.