Picton Hopkins Purchases 2X ASC Eureka M1 for Their Facility

Warehouses & Distribution

Picton Hopkins Facility Using ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper 1

Picton Hopkins Facility Using ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper 2

Picton Hopkins and Sons Pty Ltd is one of Victoria’s oldest family businesses, with an unbroken family involvement dating back to 1857.

Picton Hopkins are specialists in the manufacture of plaster products, covering such items as decorative and plain cornices, domes, vents, archways, ceiling roses, Adams panels, Art Deco and Post War panels, columns, Corbels and the list goes on.

Picton Hopkins recently purchased 2 x heavy duty ASC Eureka M1 sweepers for their Morwell and Preston Victoria stores.

Until recently they were using generic sweepers that blew dust around and were inadequate for the job.

After demonstrating the ASC Eureka M1 sweepers in both their production and warehouse facilities some of which were quarter inch deep in chalk dust they were convinced that the machines were by far the most heavy duty and fit for purpose on the market.

The ASC Eureka M1 should see a 15+ years life span in this facility & keep both of the stores free from dust to the advantage of both staff and clientele.