ASC D5000 Will Keep The Port Of Townsville Neat & Clean

Updated on Friday, June 2, 2023

Ports & Shipping

Port of Townsville recently took delivery of a fully reconditioned ASC D5000 street sweeper to help keep their Port clean.

The ASC sweeper will predominantly be used to keep the births clean between loading and unloading of ships.

The material to be swept will include copper, zinc concentrate, lead bullion and copper cathode which is shipped in from Glencore’s Copper Refinery Ltd (CRL).

Recently ASC’s Tony Bilos spent the day on site training operators on how to properly use the sweeper and its (SOP) washdown procedures.

This is the now the second ASC street sweeper to be used at the Port.

All ASC machines nationwide get free personalized operator training regardless of time required or the number of operators that need to be inducted.

ASC D5000 At Port Of Townsville 1

ASC D5000 At Port Of Townsville 2

ASC D5000 At Port Of Townsville 3