Prime Euro Service

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023


Client introduction

Pritesh found ASC via a social media post.

He runs Prime Euro Services at Ellenbrook, in the northern suburbs of Perth. He has a great business in this growing area, surrounded by The Vines Resort and the ever-expanding northern corridor of the city. Pritesh is the owner and mechanic of Prime Euro Services and is experienced in logbook services, mechanical and electrical repairs, as well as performance vehicle servicing. He runs an honest and transparent workshop.

The Challenge

Pritesh is surrounded by other small businesses and a streetscape of maple and eucalyptus trees. He is very motivated to keep not only the inside of the workshop clean but the carpark and driveway. He knows that the leaves, dirt and debris come in from this area and enter the workshop.

The Solution

After seeing the advert, he contacted WA ASC’s Area Manager Ross Sheehan. Ross presented a couple of options to Pritesh.

Pritesh was able to see the range of sweepers that ASC carry in the Wangara warehouse and booked a demonstration of the Eureka MEP.

The Result

From the demonstration, Pritesh could see the cost saving in labour of a technician on a broom, compared to them using the Eureka MEP push sweeper. He placed an order at the time of the demonstration.

Ross delivered the sweeper two days later; it was set up and adjusted so that Pritesh could use it immediately.