Proquip Clean Up Their Workshop Areas

Updated on Monday, December 18, 2023

Automotive . Workshops

The Client

Proquip are a leading earthmoving equipment rental and sales company, based in Ravenhall Victoria.

The Challenge

The company asked ASC’s Ken Pepyat for a low-cost solution to a big cleaning challenge – how do we keep our workshops clean?

Prior to Ken’s arrival, the Mechanics previously kept their large workshops clean, with hand brooms.

Ken advised them to invest in the ASC Eureka MEP vacuumized manual sweeper.

The Solution

Following Ken’s visit, Erin from Proquip placed an order for two Eureka MEP walk behind sweepers, for sweeping their workshop areas.

Using the two MEPs has proven to be a more efficient method of cleaning, without creating dust everywhere. They have proven to be a huge time saver on labour.