QE Contracting (WA) East Perth

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Agriculture . Cleaning Contractor's

Client Introduction

QE Contracting is a rural family-run business which is located three hours east of Perth in Kellerberrin. Quinten and Erin (Owners) are contractors to CBH. They are responsible for cleaning and repairing the tarpaulins used to cover the wheat after harvest and prior to being freighted to the ports for export.

The Challenge

QE Contracting works in a huge disused wheat silo. Inside the silo, they receive dozens of large tarps daily. Their job is to check for holes, rips and to repair them when possible.

These returned tarps had been out in the weather for several months and had grain and dirt all over them. The QE Contracting job was to clean and repair these tarps. As part of the daily clean-up, large deposits of dirt, dust, and grain are left on the silo floor to be swept up.

The Solution

Recently QE’s Director Quinten made a visit to ASC’s Perth Wangara warehouse and viewed several heavy-duty sweepers. ASC’s Ross Sheehan demonstrated both walk behind and small rider sweeper models to him so that he could choose the right one according to his budget. Unfortunately, for Quentin, he found them to be too small for the particular application.

Fortunately, Ross had a low-hour ex-fleet Mid-size Dulevo 100 Diesel sweeper in stock, which was more suited to Quentin’s liking and needs. Impressed with both the size, price, and performance of the machine, Quinten purchased the ASC Dulevo 100 sweeper immediately. Quinten was very impressed with the dust filtration and dumping capacity of the machine.

The Result

The ASC Dulevo 100 was delivered to the Kellerberrin site by ASC’s Ross Sheehan.