Qube Logistics

Updated on Monday, June 24, 2024


The Client

Qube is Australia’s largest integrated provider of import and export logistics services.

Qube owns a 50 per cent interest in Patrick Terminals, with the other 50 per cent owned by Brookfield and its managed funds.

Patrick Terminals operates over four kilometres of quay line, with 24 cranes and 130 straddles at four strategically located ports around the Australian coastline.

The Challenge

Qube Ports & Bulk in Rockingham WA have 2 large workshops, where they maintain trucks and trailers.

Their large fabrication workshops have swarf, dirt, rocks and silica dust that needed consistent sweeping.

Qube had a competitive brand of sweeper onsite, that blew dust and left debris trails as it swept.

They required a different brand of sweeper that was designed to work in this kind of environment.

The Result

Qube use ASC Eureka products in other sites, so there was no hesitation in purchasing the ASC M3.

The ASC M3 was delivered, with training provided by WA Area Manager, Scott Campbell.