Queensland based City Beach Australia buys a ASC M1 sweeper

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Retail & Public Spaces . Warehouse

Queensland based City Beach Australia buys a ASC M1 sweeper.

City Beach Australia is one of the biggest youth lifestyle retailers in Australia. City Beach brings the best mix of surf, skate and fashion. With 60+ retail stores across the country.

The Challenge

City Beach operates on a very busy warehouse. The challenge was to supply a machine not too big for the narrow aisles and not too small for the mid-sized warehouse.

The Solution

Raf from ASC visited City Beach with an ASC M1.

The ASC M1 is a very smart machine to work with as it’s manoeuvrability makes it very easy to work around the corridors and the packing production lines. The female staff was very excited to use a machine that is so easy to use and so gentle to handle. No doubt that the M1 made a bid difference on the floor cleanness as you can see in the pictures.