Electro Parts Replaces Its Old Push Sweeper with ASC MEP

Updated on Monday, July 27, 2020

Warehouses & Distribution

Electro Parts Australia specialises in solar and electronic power conversion products and offers a large range of AC-DC Battery Chargers, DC-DC Chargers, DC-AC Power Inverters, DC-DC Voltage Converters and low voltage electrical products.

The Challenge

Electro Parts operates on a very tidy and organised warehouse. The challenge they were facing was to keep their stock and pallets dust free, which was impossible using the air-blower or the old Chinese push sweeper to clean the floor.

The Solution

Raf from ASC visited Electro Parts with an ASC MEP in hands.

It was clear that the ASC MEP with dust control was able to clean the floor much more efficiently than the brooms and wouldn’t blow dust or generate airborne dust thus all of the pallets were dust free and the stock was ready to be sent to costumers.

Michael from Electro Parts was very impressed with the result and purchased an ASC MEP straight away.

ASC MEP Eureka Sweeper 3