Queensland Based Rockcote Buys an ASC Mach 3 Battery Ride on Sweeper

Updated on Monday, January 25, 2021

Brickyards & Aluminium Smelters

The Challenge

Rockcote has been creating stunning finishes for the interiors and exteriors of commercial and residential Australian buildings for over 30 years.

ASC’s Rafael Rodrigues was asked to consult Rockcote on the most efficient and least costly way to maintain a busy and very dusty site. The truck traffic is likely to drag all of the material to the driveways and street.

Rockcote also needs an option with “A class” filter to be compliant with the Queensland regulations.

The Solution

ASC’s Rafael revisited their site and demonstrated the ASC Mach 3 battery ride on sweeper with the “A class” filter.

It proved to collect all materials off the floor without blowing dust.

Rockcote decided that the ASC Mach 3 was the best and the most beneficial option fort their application.

ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper 3ASC Eureka M1 Sweeper 4