RAAF Base Maintains It’s Roadways, Buildings & Airport Hangars With ASC

Updated on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Client Introduction

RAAF Base Edinburgh is a Defence super-base, one of only two in Australia.

The RAAF Base Edinburgh is located on almost 900 hectares of land, 25 kilometres north of Adelaide.

The facility is home to 3500 personnel from the Australian Army & Royal Australian Air Force.

The Challenge

The RAAF site wanted a sweeper that was heavy duty, easy to use and maintain and be capable of removing dust and debris from their hangars, aprons and roadways areas.

The machine would also be used to remove FOD where the F18 hornets & other military aircraft would be parked and maintained.

The RAAF base inquired with ASC as to the suitability of the ASC Eureka M8 diesel variant.

A perfectly clean concrete apron is critical in any aviation sector housing & maintaining planes.

The Solution.

After many discussions and numerous referrals, the RAAF decided to purchase the new ASC Eureka Diesel M8 sweeper.

The machine will be used to maintain the roadways, site infrastructure buildings and airport maintenance hangars.

The new ASC M8 transferred to Woomera on occasion to maintain the facility there.