The RAAF Invested In ASC Machine Once Again, Proving Its Quality & Reliability

ASC At The RAAF Amberley Hangers Updated on Monday, June 14, 2021

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The RAAF has once again invested in ASC sweeping machines. This time it is the Amberley base located in the outer suburbs of Brisbane (Queensland).

The machine will be used to maintain high-tech parts storage hangars.  These parts hangars are always open to ensure maximum airflow. The result, unfortunately, is that a lot of dust builds up due to airflow from outside.

The new ASC M3 was recommended and installed.

ASC’s Rafael Rodriguez installed the machine for very happy staff. The machine will principally be used in the high-security Boeing section of the operation.

Another great investment for the Australian air force.

ASC – Built to Last

ASC At The RAAF Amberley Hangers
RAAF Base Amberley Sign