Recycal Tasmania

Updated on Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Waste & Recycling

The Client

Recycal is based in the Tasmanian suburb of Launceston.

The company is a scrap metal recycling facility.

It processes scrap metal, lead, stainless, copper, aluminium, brass & used batteries.

The Challenge

Recycal Tasmania were looking for a sweeper capable of maintaining their scrap yard free of dust and offcuts of metal.

They were specifically looking for a sweeper that was proven to work in the metal recycling industry. They were after a heavy-duty sweeper that was capable of sweeping 8-hour shifts and designed to sweep very undulated surfaces.

The company contacted ASC’s Luke Skrinjaric who assisted them with their selection of the correct machine for their specific application.

The Result.

They placed an order for a new ASC Eureka Diesel M8 fully enclosed sweeper with an airconditioned cabin.