No Dust Settling On The Paper Anymore For Stockman Paper Merchant’s WA Warehouse

ASC Eureka M1 At Stockman Paper's Warehouse Updated on Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Warehouses & Distribution

Stockman Paper Merchants recently invested in an ASC M1 sweeper for their Bass Endean (Perth) facility.

Stockman is an independent wholesale fine paper merchant in Western Australia.

Glen (Warehouse Manager) had an existing sweeping machine that was unreliable.

He loved the idea of the ASC M1 sweeper, as it is capable of dust-free sweeping.

Stockman runs a large paper-based warehouse, and dust settling on the paper is a big problem for them.

Since investing in the ASC M1, the amount of airborne dust has decreased substantially & the warehouse staff was excited to have a brand new machine to use.

After Ross Sheehan (ASC WA Manager) arranged a 15-minute training session, the staff were straight into sweeping the whole warehouse floor.

ASC Eureka M1 At Stockman Paper's Warehouse