Remondis Celebrates 7 years With ASC

Updated on Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Waste & Recycling

The Client

Remondis is regarded as one of Australia’s leading waste collection companies.

The company runs a series of water transfer companies around Australia.

The Challenge

Cleaning a waste transfer station is quite challenging. With millions of tonnes of waste that passes through these centres, there is a need to sweep clean the roadways and unloading areas.

These must be swept, in order to prevent tyre punctures for incoming traffic and eliminate debris flying around the facility.

With garbage trucks and private cars dumping a vast array of debris into the oversized dump pits, the company must ensure a dust free and clean working surface at all times.

This is to protect both the staff and public alike, from any hazards.

The company runs a purpose-built ASC Mach 6 Sweeper every day, to ensure that they meet their EPA and OH & S requirements.

The Result

Celebrating 7 years of trouble-free service the ASC Mach 6 Diesel continues to perform reliably, at their Brisbane Waste Transfer station.