Remondis Waste Transfer Station

Updated on Thursday, March 21, 2024

Waste & Recycling

The Client

REMONDIS Australia has grown and diversified to become one of the largest waste and recycling companies in the country.

Their Remondis Seven Hills operation is a waste disposal and reduction service, located in Powers Road, Seven Hills.

The company collects and sorts all kinds of rubbish from the western suburbs.

The Challenge

Having used an ASC D200 for the past 16 years, Remondis had a need to replace its sweeper.

The choice was whether to purchase a dedicated street sweeper, or a dedicated refuse sweeper.

Having already purchased an ASC M8 in their Brisbase waste facility many years ago, Remondis chose to stick with a proven product that they knew worked in their environment.

The Result

They ordered another ASC Eureka M8 Diesel powered sweeper with an enclosed cab and air conditioning.