Updated on Thursday, February 15, 2024

Waste & Recycling

The Client

RENEX is Australia’s first permanently located contaminated soil treatment and resource recovery facility.

It was specifically established to accept and treat contaminated soils and other industrial waste, that would otherwise have been destined for landfill disposal.

The Challenge

Renex operates out of a very large facility, in Melbourne’s outer suburb of Dandenong.

The company receives deliveries of all kinds of soil that needs to be processed.

The site is very dusty and has large mobile trucks and earthmoving machines moving soil to and from the site, resulting in spills that need to be swept up.

ASC’s Ken Pepyat was asked to recommend a machine that was suited for the waste industry.

He advised the company that an investment in the ASC M8 would be their best choice, as it’s used successfully by many multinational waste companies around the world.

The Result

Renex issued Ken Pepyat an order for a waste industry, ASC Eureka M8 diesel powered street sweeper.